Full Detail-

A complete and thorough interior cleaning of your vehicle including dashboard, center console, door panels, door jambs, and trunk. All upholstery including carpets and seats will be shampooed. Leather will be deep cleaned and conditioned.

Meticulous Exterior Hand wash Paint-decontamination (using products that are both acid-free and pH balanced) 3 step Clay/Compound entire vehicle to remove all remaining surface contaminants ( bugs, tar, fallout), high gloss paint polish applied. Wheels, tires, and wheel wells deep cleaned Door & trunk jambs cleaned
All exterior trim and rubber conditioned Exterior & interior windows & mirrors cleaned.
Engine bay & under carriage wash.

 Standard Vehicles starting at $395

Full size SUV starting $495


 Our Exterior Detailing service includes hand washing your car using premium automotive wax soaps and spot free water, using micro fiber wash mitts. We wipe down all door jambs, trunk and hood area. We then apply a 3 step Clay/Compound high-grade polymer paint sealer which is rubbed in by hand followed by a thick coat of premium Carnauba wax which is also applied by hand, left to haze up and then rubbed out and polished by hand to ensure that your finish is free from swirl marks commonly left by machine buffing, This is double layer protection for your car's finish that we then finish with a high gloss paint polish. It will last for 6 months depending on your maintenance routine. We then clean and shine your rims and apply tire shine

 Starting at $200

SUV starting at $250


 We start out by thoroughly vacuuming the interior making sure to get all those hard to reach places under the seats and between the console area. We then clean all the cup holders, air conditioning vents, door panels & compartments, dash, steering wheel, and center console area. All leather or upholstered surfaces are scrubbed clean to remove the grit and the grime from the grain of the leather. Then we apply a lanolin-based leather conditioner to restore your upholstery to keep it soft and supple. We shampoo the carpets and floor mats using high quality upholstery soaps which foam all the dirt and grime to the surface, after which we extract the contaminants and soap residue. Our special deodorizer added to the rinse water will leave your interior looking and smelling clean.

 Starting at $225

SUV starting at $325